Cashback! Cashback!

Everyone loves to get something in return when we spend money, either by rewards points or cash backs.

For those who often visit the United Kingdom, you may take note of these cashback websites to save some money.


1. Quidco

It’s a cashback website from the UK, that provides offers for up to 4,500 different brands.

Simply head to their website here, and sign up for free, then connect with your PayPal account.

Travelling on trains to Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool or Edinburgh from London? There’s a 1% cashback for all Virgin Trains ride.

Flying domestic in UK? You can try booking Thomas Cook Airlines, that gives you £5 cashback for short haul flights & £9 cashback for long haul flights. Destinations flew by them includes London-Gatwick, Cardiff, Manchester, Belfast and many more.

If you aren’t travelling to the UK, but online shopping from any UK shops, guess what? There are cashbacks available for you too! Superdry has up to 6% cashback, while sneaker lovers can expect up to 12% cashback at JD Sports.

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2. TopCashBack

This is another cashback site from the UK, it was launched in 2005. And further expanded to the USA soil in 2011. It also has free registration for all.

It has an exclusive 1% cashback for purchases from eBay. Flying budget airline in the UK? There’s 1.05% cashback for Flybe Airlines.

So, for UK there isn’t much different between both Quidco and TopCashBack. I would recommend you to sign up for both, and compare which gives a higher cashback, and just go with it!

You can head to their website here.

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3. ShopBack

ShopBack shouldn’t be an unfamiliar name to Singaporean, as this’s somehow is the one and only cashback site that we know.

It has cashback for almost anything that you can think of, from clothes to travel, to food delivery, to private-hired cars and even credit cards applications.

So for clothes, ShopBack offers us up to 11% cashback for Adidas Singapore, 2% cashback for Forever 21, and up to 9% cashback for New Look and many other brands.

FoodPanda has up to 8% cashback. And when you uses the ShopBack app, you can expect 2.5% cashback for Deilveroo.

You can enjoy $0.20 cashback for GrabCar and Uber rides daily via its app. Lastly, you are able to obtain cashback of up to $50 for applying credit card via ShopBack! How cool is that?

Haven’t joined ShopBack? Use my referral link to sign up, and get a bonus S$5!

So, in conclusion. These are the common cashback sites that I used, this isn’t really a comparison, but more of a review and introduction to people who aren’t familiar to these sites. So, I hope it will be useful for you guys! Cheers~


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