First Flight Review: Round-Trip Flight Experience (SIN – HKG)

This is my first flight review! So let’s begin!

After 2 years, I’m back in Hong Kong! This time flying with our flag carrier airlines, Singapore Airlines.

Flight Details
SQ 868 | Boeing 777-200 (Refitted SR-series)
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 – Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1
Flight Time: 3 hours 55 minutes
Departure Time @ 7:55pm, Arrival Time @ 11:50pm
Economy Class

Checked-in a night before, and upon arrival at the airport. I’ve made use of Fast And Seamless Travel (FAST @ Changi) check-in kiosk to print out my baggage tags to check in. This process really speed things up, especially during peak period where all counters are packed.

Didn’t take much photo during this flight. But I’m gonna just describe to you guys my experience.

Firstly, a brief introduction about the flight. All SQ Boeing 777 adopt a 3-3-3 seat configuration in Economy Class, and 2-2-2 seat configuration for Business Class. This particular flight doesn’t comes with Premium Economy class. There are 228 standard seats in Economy Class (Rows 31-57), 38 for Business Class (Rows 11-19).


Economy Class are equipped with a 9 inch LCD in-flight entertainment screen, with a seat pitch of 34 inches and width of 17.5 inches. Each seat comes with the normal headsets, pillow and blanket.

Business Class are equipped with the basic flat-bed seats, 110V AC plug and 15.4 inch LCD in-flight entertainment screen with noise-cancelling headphones. Furthermore, you can also reserve your main course up to 24 hours before you fly. Each seat has a seat pitch of 60 inches and seat width of 24.5 inches.

So, about my flight. Boarding starts around 30 minutes before departure time, starting from Business Class passengers, KrisFlyer Gold and PPS Club members. My flight took off after some delays due to air traffic control, but luckily I was already watching movies on SQ’s inflight entertainment system, KrisWorld.

About 35 minutes into the flight, meal was being served. Flight attendants began serving special meals, before bringing the dinner to the rest of us. There were 2 options to choose from: International Selection (which includes Greek Salad with Feta Cheese, Beef Hamburger Steak, Coffee & Tea) and Oriental Selection (which includes Chinese Barbecued Pork, Chinese-Style Stir-Fried Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion, Chinese Tea & Chinese Oolong Tea). Both comes with Ice cream, bread roll and spread.

During mealtime, flight attendants also began serving beverages, with the usual selection of soft drinks, wines, juices and water. So after my meal, it’s bedtime for me, loaded the playlist with some songs and off to sleep. Woke up by beverage services before landing, and not long later, we had touched down on HKG, earlier than expected by 15 minutes.

Flight Details
SQ 863 | Airbus A380-800
Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1 – Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3
Flight Time: 3 hours 55 minutes
Departure Time @ 2:25pm, Arrival Time @ 6:20pm
Economy Class


Was glad that my return flight is the double-decker Airbus A380! SQ Airbus A380 contains 4 different classes, The Suites, Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. There are 12 suites with seat configuration of 1-2-1, 60 seats for Business Class having 1-2-1 seat configurations. There are 36 Premium Economy seats on this flight, with 2-4-2 seat configuration. Lastly, for Economy Class, there’s 245 seats on main deck (3-4-3 seat configurations) and 88 seats on the upper deck (2-4-2 seat configurations).

Due to this flight fully booked, I’m left with booking the Preferred Seats, which costs extra S$50. Boarding of the flight was alright, my seat was on the upper deck, thus able to board the flight faster than other Economy Class passengers who are sitting in the main deck. This it my first time sitting at Preferred Seats (which commonly known as bulkhead seats), and to my surprise, there was double legroom available, and the in-flight entertainment system is kept at the side of the seat!


The only bad thing about these seats are that during take-off and landing, the in-flight entertainment systems have to be stowed away. But other than that, the flight was not bad, more stable as compared to my other flight.

Overall, in conclusion, my experience with Singapore Airlines was pretty good, excellent service and food. Quite not used to sitting such huge double-decker plane for such short trips, but it definitely feels great. Singapore Airlines really knows what their customers want, thus allowing them to clinch Number 2 in SKYTRAX 2017 World Airline Awards. Have you recently flown with Singapore Airlines regionally?


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