Airline Fares War (Singapore – London)

So, I’m currently planning for my trip on United Kingdom this coming December, am planning to fly off from Singapore on 22 December ’17 and be back on 2 January ’18.

So as per normal, i will head over to Singapore Airlines or British Airways webpage to search for the fares, as there are the popular direct flight anyone can get from Singapore to London.

And to my surprise (or maybe not really, as it’s Christmas peak period)…

British Airways (Economy Class) – S$2008.70

And just when i think that BA’s price is like ‘daylight robbery’, a look at Singapore Airlines airfares with similar timings. The airfares over at SIA is even more shocking!

Singapore Airlines (Economy Class) – S$2253.10

That’s the price you need to pay to fly with world’s number 2 airliner…


I was like never mind. Let me check out flights with one stopover, maybe Emirates and some other airlines. So, I went to Expedia website. It did show me some money-savvy airfares like…

Vietnam Airlines (via Ho Chi Minh City)S$1095.10

Emirates Airline (via Dubai) – S$1520.10

Still not very impressed with the airfares I’ve found. Just then, I remembered that there’s a new budget airliner that will be flying direct to London starting end of September.

With that in mind, a search on the net, and bingo, it’s Norwegian Air!

Went to their page, and did a search and “Whoa!”

Norwegian Air (Economy Cabin class) – S$1009.80



Even though it flies to London Gatwick Airport instead of the usual London Heathrow Airport. This non-refundable air ticket cost half of British Airways and Singapore Airlines!

(For comparison wise, Singapore – Seoul, Korea with Korean Air on same travel dates cost S$1057.) That’s how crazily cheap the airfares for Norwegian Air are!

Did some further research, and found that they will be flying the new Boeing Dreamliner 787-9  for this route. The airfare includes 10kg carry-on baggage, 20kg of check-in baggage, seat reservation and up to 2 meals on board.

And you know what? It’s premium class airfare with more legroom cost only S$2539.80, which is abit more than SIA’ Economy Class airfares!

The Economy cabin has a legroom of 31 inches and in-flight entertainment system. Premium cabin has a generous legroom of 46 inches, with in-flight entertainment system, able to check-in 2 baggages (20kg each) and have access of lounge and FastTrack at selected airports.

Not sure how’s the service of Norwegian Air gonna be like yet, and we shall see. Lastly, I’m not saying that BA or SIA are bad, it’s just that with that price tag, I could have changed them into pounds for Boxing Day shopping at London!

So, this is truly a piece of consumer advice! Want to fly to London affordably? Look no further, it’s gonna be Norwegian Air.



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