Google WiFi Arrives in Singapore

What’s That?

Google WiFi, a mesh-capable wireless router from Google.

It provides Wifi coverage in your home by having multiple Wifi hubs, that acts like routers, giving you seamless connection as you roam between different rooms at home.

Google WiFi is said to be more effective than normal range extenders, and you are able to add as many routers as you want to prevent any network lost at certain areas in your home.

This awesome looking round-shape device comes with 2 gigabit Ethernet ports, and contains a Quad-Core processor with 4GB Flash Memory & 512MB RAM. It has 2 Wifi bands: 2.4 GHz (for Slower, but Longer Range) and 5GHz (for Faster, but Shorter Range). But don’t worry, Google WiFi will connect your device to the best Wifi band automatically.

Setting up Google WiFi is simple with the help of it’s companion mobile app (available in iOS & Android). The app allow you to know which devices are connected to, and what bandwidth each of your device is using. You are also able to prioritize which device to get more bandwidth.

Parents! You will be able to control your kids’ Wifi by pausing them or creating scheduled pauses for their mealtimes, bedtime and study times.

From today onwards, Google WiFi will be available exclusively with selected StarHub Broadband plans. Details as shown below:

Google WiFi System (sets of 3) with StarHub Broadband

  • 1 Gbps Fibre Broadband @ S$15/month (with 1Gbps Fibre @ S$39.90/month)
  • 200Mbps Cable Broadband @ S$40/month (with 200Mbps Cable @ S$22.90/month)

* Valid with a 24-months contract for all Fibre Broadband plans & 12-months contract for Cable Broadband plan.
* Service Activation Fee of $53.50 applies for all Broadband plans.

Click here to see more @ StarHub.


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