CIMB Bank Credit Cards – More Savings For You

On a shopping spree in Tokyo or Hong Kong? Which credit card do you normally use?

For me, I always prefer to use my CIMB Visa Signature or CIMB Platinum MasterCard when overseas. Yes, I got to agree that these cards don’t have Reward Points systems or spectacular Cash Rebates. But bear with me, as I shall tell you why I prefer them instead.

  • CIMB Visa Signature

This card gives you 10% cash rebates on food and online purchases in foreign currencies(consists of 0.2% of base rebate and additional 9.8%, capped at S$60 per statement month per principal card member)

There’s an unlimited cash rebate of 0.2% on all other spendings, at no minimum spend or monthly cap.

And when you charge your full travel fares on CIMB Visa Signature card, you automatically get travel accident insurance coverage for any little travel inconveniences like baggage delays or missed flights.

  • CIMB Platinum MasterCard

Different from CIMB Visa Signature, this card gives you 10% cash rebates on travel spendings (e.g. air/train tickets and hotel stays) and on health, beauty and wellness(consists of 0.2% of base rebate and additional 9.8%, capped at S$60 per statement month per principal card member)

You can apply for up to 4 supplementary cards for your family to enjoy the benefits. First-year annual fees are waived on 2 supplementary cards!

Now, some common features that both cards have. There’s 0% administration fee on all foreign currency transactions. (1.4% administration fee for transactions in foreign currency charged by CIMB Bank will be credited as cash rebate in the following statement month.)

What’s more is that all CIMB credit cards have no annual fees for principal card members so you won’t have to worry about calling over to banks asking for annual fees waivers.

CIMB credit cards also provide customers with Same Day Approval. Simply submit your credit card application to with completed application form & documents. (submit before 12 pm, Monday – Friday (excluding Public Holidays))

The only thing I find it troublesome is that whenever you need to use your credit card for overseas usage, you must call over to their credit card call-center and talk to their guys. Which I think is a bit troublesome as all other banks have the ability to do it thru online banking or by SMS.

Overall, my experience with CIMB credit cards are quite pleasant and wish to recommend them to you.


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