First Food Review: Kimchi Korean Restaurant

So, I was at Suntec City for COMEX 2017 and decided to have Korean food for dinner, as I have been craving for them for weeks. Thus, decided to have a try at Kimchi Korean Restaurant. So here’s my quick review of how good it was!


First impression, the ambient of the restaurant was good, clean and the staffs were very friendly. So this restaurant aims to serve authentic classic Korean food, as well as regional favorites from Busan and Andong. Executive Chef Choi Minchul and his team of chef are the guys behind such awesome authentic Korean food.


Jap Chae (S$8.90). A simple dish of stir-fried Korean glass noodle with vegetables. It was not bad, but I was kinda expecting a little more flavoring.


Gondrae Doenjang Jjigae (S$15.90) served with rice. It’s more of a vegetarian kind of dish, as it contains bean curd, zucchini, mushroom, leek, mushroom and Cirsium setidens (aka gondre) with Gondrae Bean Paste soup. The soup is quite refreshing and smooth, with a little bit of spiciness. However, it does has a bit of ‘vegetable taste’ in the soup, so if you don’t like vegetables, you might want to try other dishes.


Aadong Jjim Dak Dolsot Bap (S$15.90) served with Korean seaweed & egg soup. This dish is a regional dish from Aadong, and is rarely seen in any other Korean restaurants. It’s a stone pot with marinated Korean soy sauce chicken thighs with some vegetables and a sunny-side-up egg. The gravy was very aromatic, the chicken thighs were very tender, this dish was delicious.

Kimchi Korean Restaurant easily beat the other Korean restaurant in Singapore with its unique selection of food. What’s more is the price, which is totally affordable!

Kimchi Korean Restaurant

3, Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Convention Tower, #02-387

Singapore 038983

Phone: (65) 6337 7811



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