Honda Vezel vs. Toyota C-HR

Wanting to get a new vehicle? Eyeing on SUVs or Crossovers? Then pay attention to this two cars: Honda Vezel and Toyota C-HR.

Honda Vezel

Released in Singapore in 2015, and has been one of the most popular cars you will see on the roads now. Prices starting from S$90,000 for the normal variant and around S$105,000 for the Hybrid version. It’s definitely one of the affordable cars available right now.

This front-wheel drive SUV features a 4-cylinder inline DOHC i-VTEC engine with fuel consumption of 20km/L (24km/L for Hybrid) which is quite efficient, 96kW or 129bhp of power (112kW or 150bhp for Hybrid) and 155Nm of torque. It has a boot capacity of 440L. The legroom at the back is spacious, as compared to hatchbacks, as the wheelbase of Vezel is 2,610mm.

Honda Vezel uses CVT-i (A) transmission (7-speed DCT (A) for Hybrid). It comes with 6 airbags and tons of features too, for example, Anti-Collision Brake Assist, Reverse Parking Assist.

Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR came on shore a few months back, and oh my, it brings car design for SUV to another level! This youthful, futuristic SUV costs more than Honda Vezel with prices starting from S$110,000. It’s available in either a 1.2L Turbocharged petrol or a 1.8L Hybrid variant.

Toyota C-HR features a 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC engine (turbocharged for 1.2L variant). The 1.2L had a 15km/L fuel consumption only, while the Hybrid variant has up to 30km/L of fuel consumption. The turbocharged variant has a power of 87kW or 116bhp and torque of 185Nm, while the Hybrid variant has 91kW or 125bhp of power and 155Nm of torque.Toyota C-HR has a smaller boot capacity of 370L

Toyota C-HR has a smaller boot capacity of 370L and comfortable rear seats, legroom was generous, thanks to the wheelbase of 2,640mm. Cruise control is standard for most cars but C-HR has an additional stop-hold control, which is helpful.

Honda Vezel and Toyota C-HR sure changed the views on our roads, and really hope that I’m able to try them out in the near future!


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