DIY Planning for ‘Norway In A Nutshell’ Tour

So I will be heading to Norway at the end of September, am currently in the midst of planning. I was recommended to go for the most popular tour in Norway: Norway In A Nutshell tour. It features the stunning landscape of Norway’s beautiful Fjord and mountain sceneries. This tour brings you from Norway’s capital city of Oslo to Norway’s second largest city, Bergen. The full itinerary can be found at their official website here.

I wasn’t planning for the full round trip from Oslo to Bergen and back, due to time constraint. And the full round trip isn’t cheap (though nothing in Norway is cheap anyway), costs starting from NOK$2790 (S$490) per person!Went to do some research and found that it’s possible to Do-It-Yourself (DIY), book and arrange the exact itinerary as the website. So, I guess… Why not?

Went to do some research and found out that the entire tour runs on Norwegian public transportation. Which means it is possible to Do-It-Yourself (DIY), book and arranges the exact itinerary as the website. So, I guess… Why not?


My planned itinerary was Oslo – Myrdal – Flåm – Gudvangen – Voss – Oslo, as shown above. This tour cost NOK$2760 (S$480) per person on the official website.

For the 1st leg of the journey (Oslo – Myrdal) starts early at 6:25am, it will be a 5 hour 9 minutes train ride on The Bergen Railway from Oslo S Train Station. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Norwegian State Railway (NSB) website. I will recommend you to print out the tickets rather than collecting at the train station, and also to book seats on the left side of the train. This leg of the journey cost NOK$699 (S$121).


The 2nd leg of the journey will be another train ride on The Flåm Railway from Myrdal to Flåm. Tickets can also be purchased in advance online here for this 57 minutes scenic train ride on a retro steam train. Tickets on NSB website is NOK$360 (S$62) per person.

On the next leg of the journey, it will be by ferry, from Flåm to Gudvangen, where you will be traveling through the Fjord. You can visit here to book the ferries. For this trip, due to time, I had to choose the more expensive Premium Ferry across the Fjord. The Classic Ferry will take 2 hours 30 minutes, while the newer Premium Ferry takes 1 hour 30 minutes for the entire trip. For the Classic Ferry, it cost NOK$310 (S$54) per person, while the Premium Ferry cost NOK$615 (S$106) per person. Do remember to email the ticket to yourself.


Upon arrival at Gudvangen, you will need to take a bus (bus service 950) to Voss. For this leg of the journey, you will not be able to buy tickets in advance online as it is actually Norwegian bus service, thus you can only purchase the ticket on the spot when you board the bus. There will be a timetable at the bus stop or thru Skyss website so you won’t miss the bus. Each ticket will cost around NOK$110 (S$19).

At this time, it would be estimated 5pm, and for the last leg of my trip will be taking a direct train back to Oslo. Tickets can be purchased online thru NSB website. This train ride will be 5 hours, 24 minutes. Ticket is priced at NOK$749 (S$130).

So in overall, estimated the cost of the entire ‘Norway In A Nutshell’ tour if you choose to DIY is:

NOK$699 + NOK$360 + NOK$615 + NOK$110 + NOK$749 = NOK$2533 (S$439)

Even though it may be more troublesome, and the cost you gonna spend don’t differ much, but I personally like to do things on my own, so that I will appreciate the trip more. And that S$50 saved can be spent on other things. So I would recommend anyone who is planning a Free & Easy holiday to Norway to DIY this tour!

Want to know more about my upcoming Norway holiday? Stay tuned for more in October! Cheers~

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