LINE Village Store @ Bangkok. Indoor Theme Park to Open Year End.

Fans of LINE characters? Want to purchase LINE merchandises but don’t wanna travel to Korea or Hong Kong? For those who don’t know, there’s a new LINE Village Store in Bangkok, which is just 2 hours away.

LINE Village Store is situated at the heart of Bangkok’s shopping district of Siam. LINE Village Store is currently a retail store selling LINE merchandises, but will be upgraded to become an indoor theme park by the end of the year! LINE Village Store is a new business model by LINE Corporation and its the world first.

Currently, there isn’t a need for entry fee as the theme park isn’t ready yet. In the store, you get to find more than 2000 adorable LINE merchandises like clothes, keychains, magnets, stationeries, soft toys, and much more. Price varies from 35Baht to 3000Baht. You also get to take photos with the signature huge Brown outside of the store.

LINE Village Store opens daily from 10am to 10pm, last entry is 9:30pm. And I just can’t wait for LINE first indoor theme park to open at the end of the year!

Can follow them on Facebook here.

LINE Village Store

Siam Square One

1st Floor

(Rama1 Entrance)


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