Popsical: Singing In Comfort, On Your Couch.

Love to sing karaoke but lazy to head out? Having a party at home but worrying there’s nothing to do? Then you must be interested in Popsical.

Popsical, a Kickstarter project from Singapore. It is the world’s smallest and smartest karaoke system you have ever seen, where songs are stored in the cloud, and has many more features than traditional bulky, expensive karaoke set.

Popsical is small, the size of your palm and all you need to start singing is a stable internet connection to browse through the huge collection of songs, in different languages.

Popsical also comes with a mobile app for you to browse and select songs from your smartphone, unlike the traditional karaoke set where you need to rely on a single remote control for everything.

So how do Popsical works? Simply connect Popsical to any soundbars, amplifiers or home theatre systems to enjoy the full KTV experience in comfort. Every purchase of Popsical comes with a wireless microphone so you won’t be singing in a mess of cables.

Popsical comes in 2 colors: Just Pink & Day Green, and only weighs 150g. Its cloud contains more than 100,000 copyrighted songs from different record labels like Sony Music, EMI, Universal Music and more.

There’s a premium plan for Popsical users, with only S$3.99 for 24 hours or S$9.99 for a month. You get to enjoy latest, non-ads music videos.


You can head to Popsical website to purchase. It’s S$399 for Popsical Bundle (Popsical, Remote Control, USB-C Cable, Power Adapters, Popsical Sound, Remote Controller and 2 Microphones). If you have a sound system at home? You could simply purchase the Popsical for S$249. All products come with 1-year warranty.

So if you have a singer in you, but don’t want to constantly head to karaoke shops, this is definitely your best option. I haven’t had the chance to try out but definitely, hope to give it a try soon.

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