The War Of Unlimited Local Data Plans

Singapore has been facing minimal data on their mobile plans for the past few years, after the introduction of 4G data capability. If you are a data-hungry consumer like myself, it’s gonna change.

Two weeks after StarHub and M1 introduced their unlimited local data plans. SingTel finally announced theirs, on 15 September 2017.

So let’s dive right in and check it out which is which, and which is better.

1. StarHub

StarHub is the first telco company to announce their unlimited local data mobile plans. Consumers who signed up for StarHub one of five new postpaid plans will get to enjoy free unlimited local data.

The new plans are XS (S$48/mth), S (S$68/mth), M (S$88/mth), L (S$108/mth) and XL (S$238/mth). There will be 3GB of local data for XS plan, 4GB for S plan, 5GB for M plan, a jump to 8GB for L plan and 15GB for XL plan. Unlimited local call time for M plan and above.

2. M1

Following StarHub announcement of their unlimited local data plans, M1 followed up with theirs on the same day. But the difference for M1 is that it only applies to one of its plan, which is the mySIM 98 (12-month contract) SIM-only mobile plan. It will be priced at S$98 per month with unlimited local data, 100 minutes of talk time and 100 SMS/MMS.

3. SingTel

SingTel was the last to offer unlimited local data for its consumers. However, being the last, SingTel offered by far the best one compared to the rest. Combo 3, Combo 6 and Combo 12 plans will be upgraded to included unlimited talk time and SMS. With the introduction of Data X Infinity, consumers can top-up an additional of S$39.90 monthly to get unlimited local data. Combo 3 is priced at S$68.90, Combo 6 is S$95.90 and Combo 12 is S$239.90.

So, data-hungry consumers like you and me, we are moving back to times where we can enjoy unlimited local data plans. Which company’s is more attractive and which company will you choose?

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