Flight Reviews: British Airways (SIN – LHR) + SAS Airlines (LHR – OSL)

Guess if you had followed me on my Instagram, you should’ve seen some photos taken during my trip to Norway and Denmark. So this post will tell you more about my flights from Singapore to Oslo, Norway.

I took British Airways to London Heathrow, as this flight was booked a while back during June, way before my holiday plans on going Norway and Denmark came up. So it’s actually my first time flying with British Airways (BA). And I’m quite looking forward to it actually, wanting to compare the standards between them and Singapore Airlines which I’ve taken to London last year.

British Airways flies twice daily from Singapore to London Heathrow. BA 16 flies at 10:35pm, while BA 12 flies at 11:15pm.


BA 12 | Airbus A380-800

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 – London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Flight Time: 14 Hours

Departure Time @ 11:15pm, Arrival Time @ 5:15am

Economy Class

My 11:15pm flight was very packed, probably due to summer holidays coming to an end in the U.K, and students are heading back to prep for school. Changi Airport Terminal 1 was still fairly one of the best airports that I’ve been to, and there are some Mid-Autumn Festival decorations in it too.

This BA flight to London Heathrow uses Airbus A380-800, which has 4 different classes.

There are 14 First Class cabins onboard this flight, with a 1-2-1 seating configuration. It has a seat that will turn into a fully flat bed with quitted mattress, cotton duvet, and pillow. There’s also a 15-inch in-flight entertainment display with noise-canceling headphones.

Business Class (aka Club World) on this flight uses a 2-4-2 seat configuration, with a total of 44 seats in the Main Deck, as for the Upper Deck is has 53 seats arranged in a 2-3-2 seat configuration. Club World seats are able to convert into a 183cm (6 feet) fully flat bed, with noise-canceling headphones and complementary 4-course meal with fine wines and champagne.

Premium Economy Class (aka World Traveller Plus) are located on the Upper Deck, with only 55 seats arranged in 2-3-2 seating configuration. It has 38-inch seat pitch, comes with noise-reducing headphones.

Lastly, the Economy Class (aka World Traveller) which has a 31-inch seat pitch, has 199 seats in Main Deck in a standard 3-4-3 seating configuration, and a total of 104 seats on the Upper Deck in an arrangement of 2-4-2 seating configuration.

If you have read my post about the Airline Safety Video, you should have seen me mentioning about British Airway’s one that features several celebrities. I finally got the chance to watch that video live in the plane, it did capture my attention for that few minutes. The video mention the safety instructions of the plane, while promoting their ‘Flying Start’ program to raise funds for the unfortunates.

So on the Economy Class, I was served twice (dinner and breakfast) on board. For dinner. there’s a choice between Fish and Chicken, and I’ve chosen the fish. It was so-so, not as yummy as compared to SQ, but still edible. The staffs on-flight are friendly and approachable.

Something good I found on BA’s A380 is that on the Upper Deck’s window seats, you get to have a personal compartment between your seat and the window pane, which you can place your carry-on baggage into it. So you won’t need to disturb your neighbor during the flight, if you need to get something from the overhead compartment.

The in-flight entertainment system, called Highlife Entertainment comes with tons of movies, TV shows, games and music. I find that the music collection is quite limited, which can be quite tiring listening to those few well-known artistes. You get to play with the flight path map by selecting different views (e.g. cockpit view, tail view etc).

So after 13 hours 30 minutes, my flight landed in London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 ahead of scheduled time.

Took a Transit from my gate to Passport Control/Arrival Hall. And after an hour queuing at the Passport Control, I’m finally out from the Arrival Hall in T5. Time is only 7am sharp, and my next flight out from London Heathrow Airport is at 10:20am.

Took a free connecting train from T5 to T2 and proceed with check-in for my next flight to Oslo, Norway.


SK 804 | Boeing 737-700

London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 – Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Flight Time: 2 Hours 10 Minutes

Departure Time: 10:20am, Arrival Time: 1:30pm

Economy Class

I flew Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to Oslo, which uses a typical budget airline kind of plane, the Boeing 737, without any in-flight entertainment system and free included in-flight food. What worst is that my flight was delayed by quite abit, even though personally I think is quite normal for planes in and out of London Heathrow Airport, due to heavy air traffic.

My flight finally departed at 11:25am and the entire journey was smooth. While taxiing to the runway, I caught a glimpse of British Airways’s Concorde plane parking in a corner of the taxiway. This magnificent invention once used to fly from New York to London in under 3 hours.

This flight feature all Economy Flights

Arrived in Oslo Gardermoen Airport at 2:20pm, and was taken aback by how nice-looking the Airport is. Most of the interior are made of wood, and you can smell the nice-polished-wood smell as you walk to the Arrival Hall. The Airport is also clean and bright, which personally I think is comparable to Singapore Changi Airport, though much smaller.


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