Norway 4D3N Trip: Stunning City & Beautiful Greenery (Part 1)


I have been wanting to visit the Northern Europe ever since my visit to Finland. And during this September, I finally got a chance to go Norway with my girlfriend, during her summer break. And I was looking forward to it so much!

So I’ve traveled to Oslo via London Heathrow (read more here) and arrived in Oslo in the afternoon to meet up with my girlfriend in the Airport.

Oslo – Is one of the happiest countries in the world, also one of Europe’s fastest growing cities, with a population of 700,000. It lies between the Oslofjord and hundreds of square kilometres of forested hills. The city can be easily explored by foot, bike or their public transport system.

However, things in Oslo are relatively expensive. A Big Mac meal in McDonald’s cost around S$17, and an one-station train ride cost around S$5. So it’s recommended to cook your own meals and travel around this magificient city by foot.


Arrived at the Airport, and I quickly realize that this is one of the nicest airports I’ve been in Europe. It gives you a feeling that you are in IKEA, thanks to the smell of wood everywhere. Many glass panels are installed to allow sunlight to light up the airport. The airport is filled with art displays, for example, at the baggage collection area, there are electronic boards showing a dancing person.

Go: Oslo Gardermoen Airport – Oslo City Center

It’s very easy to get to the city center. There are 2 ways to get out from the airport by rail. Firstly is by Flytoget Airport Express trains, and the other is by the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) trains. I would recommend the NSB trains because it’s cheaper, and the no much difference on the time taken to the city center. It takes around 27 minutes for us to get to Nationaltheatret Train Station (nearest to our hotel). NSB trains cost us NOK 93 (~S$16) per person, while Flytoget will cost us NOK 180 (~S$30) per person.

Stay: Smarthotel Oslo

Our hotel is a 10-minutes walk from Nationaltheatret Train Station. You can read more about the hotel here.


See: Historisk Museum

First stop was to  Historisk Museum. However… it was closed when we arrived. 😦 So… only able to show you photos from the outside.

See: The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is the most important of the King’s residences, and also the place where most official functions were held. It somehow resembles the Buckingham Palace in London, but less grand. This place is a great place for photography too. It’s quiet and peaceful, with a huge garden around the palace too. From the top, you are able to see parts of the city center.

See: National Theater


National TheaterLocated on the right side of Karl Johans gate. It’s where some popular plays are being shown.

See: Oslo City Hall

Next stop, it’s the Oslo City Hall that looks rather boring from the outside. But there are beautiful art galleries in it. The Oslo City Hall is inaugurated in 1950, it’s the city’s administrative body and the seat of the City Council.

See: Aker Brygge

It’s the harbourside pedestrian boardwalk that features al fresco wining and dining eateries and a shopping mall. You are able to get views of the sea and Oslofjord from here too!

See: Nobel Peace Center

Noble Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center is a showcase for the Nobel Peace Prize and the ideals it represents. It has a combination of changing and permanent exhibitions that promote popular interest in issues relating to war, peace and conflict resolution.

Walk, Shop, See: Karl Johans Gate

Oslo’s main street where you can find shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

That’s the end for Part 1 of my Norway Trip.

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