My Top 4 Must-Buy From U.K.

So I have been travelling to the U.K quite often due to my gf is studying there. Thus, was thinking might as well write a post on what are the things that are worth to buy if you are travelling there any time soon.

1. Primark

This is a must-visit clothing shop when you are in the U.K., and is my must-go shop when I’m there! It sells fashionable clothes for all gender and age, for almost half the price of what you can find in Singapore. Primark also sells affordable makeup sets and home decoration items. You will be able to find Men’s Hoodies/Pullovers from £9 (~S$17), Women’s Tops from £5 (~S$9) and Kids’ Clothes from £5 (~S$9). It’s Lips Topper is selling at £2.50 (~S$4.50) and Nail Polish is only £2 (~S$3.50). You can simply spent hours in Primark, just make sure you do try out the clothes before purchasing!

2. JD Sports

Sneakers lover should be familiar with this brand. U.K. is actually a sneaker heaven as most shoes are available here, from Adidas NMDs to Ultraboost, Nike Flyknit Racers etc. And what’s more, some prices of shoes are cheaper than Singapore, and you get more variety of designs and colors to choose from! Adidas Gazelle cost S$139 in Singapore, and cost around S$10 cheaper in U.K.. You may also have chances to grab some exclusive designs when you are there!

3. Asda/Lidl or other supermarkets

The things sold in supermarkets are somehow cheaper than in Singapore, not sure why, but that’s the fact most of the time. For example a box of 24 Ferrero Rocher cost around S$14 in Singapore, but you can easily get hold of a box for £6 (~S$10) in the U.K.. You can stock up your tidbits collection here and bring back to Singapore, and there are more interesting flavours here too! There are tons of Mark & Spencer shops here too which sell yummy biscuits and gums.

4. Nespresso

If you are a coffee lover like me, you will be pleased to know that it actually cost you cheaper to purchase Nespresso Coffee Machine and Capsules here in the U.K.. You get to save around S$5-9 when you purchase them here, and there are several stores selling Nespresso Capsules in London, so be sure to check them out when you are in London. It’s worth buying!

These are my top 4 things that I will buy whenever I’m in the U.K.

Do let me know what you would buy when you are visiting the United Kingdom too!


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