Which Is Better? Agoda vs Expedia vs Hotels.com

It’s the End-Of-The-Year holidays soon, which means… HOLIDAYS! And for those who aren’t going for package tours (who does nowadays?!), you would be a headache on which hotels to choose, and which hotel booking sites should I book from etc.

So, I’m here to ease off few your worries by telling you what are the differences between Agoda, Expedia, and Hotels.com.

  • Agoda

Agoda launched their revamped loyalty program in 2016 called Agoda PointsMAX.

With the program, you will first choose your favorite loyalty program (e.g. Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, British Airways Executive Club, Asia Miles, AirAsia BIG etc.).

Next, it will display rooms that come with the points, which are earned automatically with that selected booking.

Lastly, just fill in your membership number upon completing your reservation. The points will then be added to your account after you check-out.

Agoda also teamed up with CapitaLand Malls for you to earn STAR$ when booking with Agoda. You can earn 2.5x more STAR$ ($1 = 50 STAR$) for every $1 spend on your bookings (Usual: $1= 20 STAR$). <Promo valid till 31 October 2017>

Lastly, regarding credit card promotions. Till date, most credit card companies give up to 8% off your hotel bookings thru Agoda, which isn’t great, nor bad (average only).

  • Expedia

In Expedia, you could book everything and anything for your holiday trip! They provide bookings of hotels, flights, rental cars, activities and brief introduction of any locations in the world (thru Discover).

Expedia has its own rewards point programme called Expedia+ where you can earn points on any travel-related activity you booked thru Expedia. There are 3-tier in this programme: +blue, +silver and +gold (which I am now). You may still be able to earn your frequent-flyer miles and credit-card rewards points on applicable bookings.

You will earn 20 points for every S$15 spent on Hotels, Package, and Activities. Double-up on flights by earning 2 points per SG$15 spent and airline frequent flyer points. For +silver and +gold members, you could be entitled to bonus points accelerator on all eligible bookings and 250 bonus points for +VIP Access hotel bookings.

How to get to the +gold member like me? Free membership automatically gives you +blue status, followed by +silver status after you spend S$5,000 on eligible bookings or staying 7 qualifying hotel room nights. Lastly, for +gold status after spending S$10,000 on eligible bookings or staying 15 qualifying hotel room nights.

As for credit card promotion, I find that Expedia gives the most discounts with Citibank – up to 15% off Hotel Bookings.

  • Hotels.com

Last but not least, Hotels.com reward programme called – Hotels.com Rewards, allow you to enjoy 1 free night with every 10 nights booked thru Hotels.com. Your free nights stay never expire and can be accumulated and applied in any way you choose. You could also redeem your entire hotel stay using your free nights if you wish.

This is very good if you will book a minimum of one-week hotel stay, allowing you to earn the free nights stay quickly. Just a point to note is that, once discounts are made to your hotel bookings, it will not be valid for the 10 nights stay.

Hotels.com reward programme is very straightforward. Members of Hotels.com also can expect additional savings with their Secret Prices daily, which will help you save over 30% on average.

As for credit card promotion, it’s quite similar to Agoda with a maximum of 8% discounts from major credit card companies in Singapore.

  • Conclusion

And lastly, if you just want to get over the hassle of booking a cheap hotel quickly. Tell me which site is cheaper! Ok ok, coming up… I will compare the prices for:

London (23 Dec – 28 Dec, 1 room for 2 pax) and Hong Kong (5 Feb – 8 Feb, 1 room for 2 pax).


Hope this post would be useful for your hotel bookings! Cheers~

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One thought on “Which Is Better? Agoda vs Expedia vs Hotels.com

  1. No more Expedia : Expedia offer 2 different pricing in their Chinese website & English website.
    I paid HK$20,xxx for a package to Sydney on mid March. One week later I checked the same package in their English website, it cost only HK$18,xxx.
    I think the price is going down after a week but it is wrong, cause when I visit their Chinese website it show HK$25,xxx for the same package. I did the same test several times & prove Expedia makes mistakes. But no luck I cannot get back my overpay.


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