Sudio TRE Earphones Review: Designed for Actives

Firstly, would like to thank Sudio Sweden for sponsoring me their latest Sudio TRE earphones.

Sweden brand ‘Sudio’ isn’t going to be the brand that you will think of when someone talks about earphones/headphones. But honestly, you should. Because they manage to combine stylish design seamlessly with splendid sound quality in their wireless earphones and headphones.

Source: Sudio Sweden

Sudio TRE earphone is their latest wireless earpiece for actives. It comes with a clean and minimalist design, and it’s surprisingly light, which is very good for joggers/runners. It comes in 4 different colors: Black, Classic Blue, Pink, and White.


I’ve received the black one which looks damn nice and classy!

Some quick facts about the earphones first. This sporty-looking earphone has an impressive playtime of 9 hours with 10 minutes quick charge (120 minutes for a full charge). It features Bluetooth 4.1 technology and can work within a 15m range. It also has exceptional microphone clarity and Siri voice-control for iPhones’ users.

Sudio gave this earphone special looking wing-tips for a secure-fit during your run. Even though it may not feel comfortable in the first place, I got used to it quickly after some time.


Sudio TRE comes with the earphone, three pairs of different sizes’ wing-tips, a leather carrying case, a metal tip, micro-USB charging cable and a quality assurance card.

Quality wise, Sudio TRE has a splendid sound quality with great bass delivered, even if you turn up the volume. The sound produced is quite well-balanced, though at times you may felt the treble is a little flat, which I find that it’s still acceptable. Sudio TRE also offers full sound transparency, allowing you to hear your surrounding without removing the earphones. So that you won’t be caught off guard by unexpected noises while listening to your favorite tunes.


Sudio TRE is compatible with all iPhones and Android phones. And if you are using iPhone (just like me). You can easily view the battery life of your earphone with a swipe to the right on your home screen, under ‘BATTERIES’, which is very convenient.

Sudio TRE is currently retailing at S$139 (which is very affordable) at Sudio online shop. Simply head to their website here and make your purchase. For delivery wise, you get to enjoy free DHL Express delivery (3-4 business days) or you could opt for DHL Express Gold at S$7.99 (2-3 business days).

And something more for you! Use this promo code ‘thehypetraveler‘ and get a 15% discount!

*Reviews are strictly by myself.*


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