ANNETTE – Debut EP ‘All Our Achilles Heels’

For those who are familiar with Sue-Ann from SGAG… Yes, she had recently released her debut EP – All Our Achilles Heels.

This debut EP was produced in Nashville, she recorded this EP with help of producer brothers Ed and Scott Cash. All 5 tracks within this EP was written by Annette, herself.

During an interview with The Straits Times, she mentioned that she wanted her songs on the EP to send out positive vibes, like confronting weaknesses and recognizing that every single one is different.

In this EP, I personally love the track ‘Ready for a Savior’, an electronic pop genre song that was properly delivered. She does have some Hollywood-style in the song and her music video.

Annette Lee’s latest debut EP is now available for all digital music services (e.g. Spotify, iTunes etc). CD copies are also available through her Facebook Page here.

I personally love this EP, and to me, local talents/artists/stars need a lot more support from local Singaporean for them to fly higher and brighter in the entertainment sector, as Singapore is just that small. They really need our support for them to bring their music and performances to a much bigger stage, for more people to witness how good Singaporeans can be in doing entertainment.

Below is her music video from her single ‘Ready for a Saviour’.

Source: ANNETTE FB Page

Annette is having her Debut EP Launch on November 4, 5pm – 6:30pm at Canvas Club. Do support her, support local artists.


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