Launch of eBODUM in Singapore

In November, BODUM had launched their line of electrical appliances – eBODUM in Singapore.

The most notable product being launched is the ePEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker. It’s a modern version of BODUM Santos, and with this new product. You don’t need any paper filter or capsule to make your coffee. The funnel is made of borosilicate glass, and it has a permanent plastic coffee filter in it. Its stain resistant heating plate keeps your coffee warms for as long as 30 minutes.

With this new product, you can simply make coffee without a fuse. Simply add water, follow by coffee powder. Brew it and ta-da! Your coffee is ready for your consumption! ePEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker is available now with an RRP of S$369.

Other electrical appliances launched includes Blade Coffee Grinder, Burr Coffee Grinder. Both may sound the same, but they are totally different. Blade Coffee Grinder is small & compact with its power cord can be tucked away within the grinder so it will be tidy and neat after each usage. It has an easy, push-button control allows for pulse action by strong, durable stainless steel blades that spin at a precise RPM. Available in 3 different colors, and cost S$79 only.

As for Burr Coffee Grinder, it’s a bit larger in size compared to Blade Coffee Grinder, it can hold 220gr of coffee. There are 12 different settings and a programmable timer function for easier handling.

Not a coffee lover? No worries, as eBODUM also launched with Water Kettles and Toasters, with some costs less than S$100!

Christmas is coming, and you might be thinking of giving someone an eBODUM product? Which I think is a great idea, especially for Gift Exchanges of less than S$100. Head over to TANGS, Robinsons, Popular, Courts Megastore, and Metro to buy them!

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