100% Angus Beef Comes to McDonald’s Singapore

Firstly, sad news… McDonald’s has axed the ‘Quarter Pounder with Cheese’ burger on Dec 6 prior to the release of ‘The Original Angus’ burger today (Dec 7).


Source: McDonald’s Singapore


‘The Original Angus’ burger features juicy thick 100% Angus beef patty with melted cheese and onions. Topped with classic tomato sauce and pickles. This would be their permanent item to replace ‘Quarter Pounder with Cheese’.


Source: McDonald’s Singapore


‘Classic Angus Cheese’ burger is an aromatic glazed bun with juicy 100% Angus beef patty, layered with Colby cheese, grilled onions, crispy chicken bacon, tomato jalapeño relish, and creamy garlic aioli sauce.


Source: McDonald’s Singapore


Alongside, McDonald’s Singapore has also launched a limited-edition ‘Angus Mushroom Supreme’ burger. It also features the 100% Angus beef patty and features grilled mushrooms, onions, and lettuces. It’s drizzled with herb aioli and sandwiched between the sesame bun.


Source: McDonald’s Singapore


Lastly, upon ordering those burgers above, you could complete your meal with the limited-edition ‘Cheesy Loaded Fries’, which features McDonald’s all-time favorite fries, topped with chicken bacon bits, nacho cheese, and sour cream sauce.

‘Angus Mushroom Supreme’ Extra-Value Meal & ‘The Original Angus’ Extra-Value Meal, served with ‘Cheesy Loaded Fries’ and Coke (S) are available from S$9.30 and S$8.75 respectively. The burgers are also available A-la-Carte from S$6.70 and S$6.20. The ‘Classic Angus Cheese’ burger is priced from S$8.95 (A-La-Carte) and from S$10.95 (Extra-Value Meal).

‘The Original Angus’ burger is available permanently daily after breakfast hours in all restaurants and via McDelivery / UberEATS, while ‘Angus Mushroom Supreme’ burger & ‘Cheesy Loaded Fries’ will be available for a limited time, while stocks last.

So, will these new burgers be able to replace the ‘Quarter Pounder with Cheese’ burger?

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