Flight Review: Norwegian Economy (SIN – LGW)

Flight review time for my recent trip to London. I’ve decided to try out the brand-new long-haul budget airline in town: Norwegian, which flies direct to and fro between Singapore Changi Airport and London Gatwick Airport.


Norwegian uses Boeing 787 Dreamliner on their long-haul flight between Singapore and London. They fly 4 times per week out to London Gatwick (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri), with each flight taking about 14 hours.


DI 7410 | Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 – London Gatwick Airport South Terminal

Flight Time: 14 Hours 5 Minutes

Departure Time @ 10:50pm, Arrival Time @ 5:00am

Economy Class

Check-in was smooth (as usual) in Singapore Changi Airport, then took some time to walk over to Gate D49 which is at the extreme end of Terminal 1.


All Norwegian long-haul flights consist of 2 cabin types: Economy and Premium, and comes with 5 different fare types (Lowfare, Lowfare+, Flex, Premium, Premium Flex).

The Economy Cabin seems just like your typical economy class of other airlines. It has a seat-pitch of 78cm (31″) with a seat-width of 17-inch. The legroom was alright for me personally. Their Premium Cabin has a more spacious seat-pitch of 109cm to 117cm (43-46″), and you get a partial recline-seat for more comfort.

Economy Cabin has a seat configuration of 3-3-3, while Premium Cabin has a seat configuration of 2-3-2, that occupies the first 35 seats at the front portion of the plane. There’s a total of 9 toilets on board the plane.

For fare types, as mentioned there’re 5 types from Lowfare to Premium Flex. Basically, do remember that Norwegian is still a budget airline (similarly to Jetstar Asia).

For Lowfare, with the price you pay, you will just be entitled to just a seat (not reserved)and includes a hand-carry baggage of 10kg, the rest are extras that you need to pay.

For a bit more, you will be paying for Lowfare+, which gives you a reserved seat, 10kg of hand-carry baggage, a hot meal and entitled for 20kg check-in baggage.


If you want to feel like a king/queen during the trip, you will see yourself paying double of Lowfare+ and you will be sitting comfortably in the Premium Cabin. By paying Premium, you get a reserved seat in Premium Cabin, entitled for 2x20kg check-in baggage, premium onboard meals, FastTrack & Lounge access (at selected airports), and lastly a 10kg hand-carry baggage.

Lastly, for both Lowfare Flex & Premium Flex, it gives you the ability to change name and rebook your flight for free. It’s also fully refundable. For Lowfare Flex, you get to check-in two baggage instead of one.


All seats come with a USB port to charge your electronic device and an entertainment system loaded with hours of movies, addictive games and 3D map. You get to purchase your duty-free items, food, and drinks thru the system. Something special for them is that can simply plug in your own earpiece into the 3.5mm headphone jack provided.

Okay, back to my flight. It took off on time on a rainy night. And, overall the flight was smooth and I got some rest, even though the kids in front kept crying non-stop. The only bad thing I feel is that earpiece and blanket are considered as extras, that you need to pay, or should I say, everything needs to pay. But once again, Norwegian is a budget airline, so I can’t complain much about it. Something I like is that you can simply order snacks, food, and drinks when you are feeling hungry or thirsty. You don’t need to follow the given time frame where you will be served with food on other airlines.img_6789

Arrived quite on time at London Gatwick Airport, and was delighted that the Passport Control queue is so much shorter than London Heathrow’s.


I can’t wait for my return flight on Norwegian’s Premium Cabin! Do you prefer flying with commercial airlines or budget airlines? Do share with me your opinions!

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2 thoughts on “Flight Review: Norwegian Economy (SIN – LGW)

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your flight experience with Norweigian airlines. This helps me a lot since we are planning to travel from Singapore to London come December.
    However, may I know where did you book your flight. Mind to share the website.
    Thanks again.


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