Principality Stadium Tour @ Cardiff

So I’m back in Cardiff last December, and since my girlfriend got a pair of free tour pass for Cardiff’s largest stadium – Principality Stadium, we decided to go for the tour!


Principality Stadium is one of the landmarks in Wales’s capital city. Situated near to Cardiff Central Train Station and the City Centre, so you could simply head over to nearby pubs or coffee house for a drink after a match/concert.


It was used to be called as Millennium Stadium but was renamed due to sponsorship purposes. It is the home of the Wales national rugby union team and has also staged games for the Wales national football team.

Principality Stadium has a seating capacity of 74,500 and costs £121 million to build. It features a retractable roof (similar to Singapore’s Sports Hub), which is the second stadium of its type in Europe, and the largest football stadium in the world with this feature.

This stadium hosted tons of events like Rugby League World Cup, FA Cup, Coldplay Concerts, Monster Jam and many more. We began our tour by walking thru the players’ walkway to the backstage of the stadium – International Players Lounge.

It’s a place where the players’ rest, mingle and prepare for their games. It’s also the place where singers rest prior to the start of their concerts.

Next up, we arrived in the conference room, where players/singers will be interviewed by The Press.

Next, we were brought into one of the changing room in the stadium, where there are several types of gym equipment, an area for players to warm-out and cool-down and besides it ‘s the changing room and toilet for the players.

Up next is something I very much looked forward to, the stadium itself. Firstly, we were brought to the ground floor. This is the pathway players walked out to the stadium, and damn! It feels so special walking thru it, especially when the tour guide played the welcome-tune that were used during actual match day.

We quickly headed up to the top floor, and the view is amazingly good!



Lastly, we were brought to the Hospitality Suites, where those rich people will eat and drink and chit-chat while watching the match/concert. This is also where the Royal and distinguished guests seat to watch the match/concert. The trophy will usually be placed here throughout the match!

To be honest, 95% of Singaporean don’t really watch Rugby, same for me. So actually you will be quite puzzled and unsure when the tour-guide is introducing about the Welsh national rugby team members. But luckily, the tour-guide was friendly and managed to balance facts and touches of humor to keep everyone engaged.

Overall, the Principality Stadium tour would be an ideal thing to do to kill off some time in the city.

Principality Stadium

Westgate Street, Cardiff CF10 1NS


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