Day-Trip to Brighton, UK (27 Dec 2017)

I’m very much looking forward to visiting Brighton years ago, and finally got the chance to go on a day-trip out of London to Brighton! Brighton is a famous charming seaside resort city located on the south coast of United Kingdom. It’s very accessible from London, we began the day by making our way to London Bridge Railway Station to take a direct Thameslink train to Brighton. Total traveling time was only about an hour plus.


Upon reaching Brighton, we could instantly feel that the weather was colder here, and it was drizzling a bit, with the skies not looking bright, most probably due to the snow that briefly came by earlier in the day. We head directly to Churchill Square Shopping Centre for our lunch and some warmth.


We found an Italian restaurant – Italian Kitchen where they serve English breakfast, pasta, and pizzas. The food servings were huge, but it was quite tasteful! We ordered 2 plates of pasta and a cup of Hot Chocolate.


After lunch, we braved the cold and rain and managed to make our way to Brighton Beach. But the skies were so gloomy and rainy that we didn’t last for an hour, and we head back to the shopping centre for some warmth.




After an hour of shopping, the rain began to stop and it’s finally time for us to head out! We took a bus to Hove Beach Huts and arrived there just minutes before sunset.


Honestly, I’ve seen several sunsets before, but nothing as spectacular as this one. As we walked along the beach, the sunset was getting more and more stunning, and beautiful.






We arrived at Brighton Palace Pier right after the sun had set. The neon lighting of Brighton Pier appeared in front of us. The logo is so iconic and very Instagram-able. This is actually one of the most-visited tourist attraction in the United Kingdom!


Once inside, you will feel young instantly with rows and rows of arcade machines, that will bring you memories of your young-times running around in an arcade. The difference between the arcade center in Brighton and in Singapore is the size.


Overall, we’ve enjoyed our time in Brighton! And it’s definitely a must-visit when you come to the United Kingdom in the near future, especially during the summer! Where the amusement theme park will be open for you to enjoy roller coaster rides, bumpy car rides etc.

Where else would you love to visit when you’re in the UK? Do let me know!

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