Review: Gaston Luga Pråper Backpack + 15% Discount Code

Singaporean’s favorite activity is probably planning for a holiday and physically traveling around the world. That’s where Gaston Luga backpacks come in, as their backpacks are specifically targeted for holidaymakers. Why do I say so? Read more to find out!

Gaston Luga produces and sells several minimalistic designs for both Men and Women. Below is the Pråper backpack collection that I’ve received from Gaston Luga, which comes in 4 different colors. (I will be talking about this backpack in awhile.)untitled.png

Gaston Luga also has another backpack collection: Clässic for you if you need a bigger capacity. Ladies, there’s also a unique backpack collection for you too – Clässy collection (you can see them here).

Okay, so back to the Pråper backpack that I’ve got. I fell in love with the design immediately thanks to its simplistic and minimalistic, elegant design! This backpack is different as it doesn’t have any zips but was replaced by strong hooks to keep the items inside safe and secure.

It is made from highly durable canvas, that comes with an inner pocket to fit your 13″ – 15″ laptop, and 2 other pockets. There is also a passport/ticket pocket! The shoulder straps are easily adjustable to fit you comfortably. The dimensions given for the backpack are 30cm x 42cm x 15cm and 18 litres of capacity. And yes, as seen above, it comes in 4 different colors. I brought it out during the Lunar New Year to bring along my laptop, camera, water bottle and umbrella. It just holds everything together perfectly, and for me to keep all my angbaos!

So if you are looking for a new backpack for your everyday needs or travel needs? Look no further, head over to GASTON LUGA website to get yourself one now!

Gaston Luga provides free DHL delivery shipment to Singapore, and with the use of my promo code <hypetraveler15>, you will get an extra 15% now!

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