Norway 4D3N Trip: Stunning City & Beautiful Greenery (Part 2)

After so long, I’ve decided to continue my post on my trip to Norway.

So for part 2, let’s leave Oslo’s main city centre and travel towards north-west to one of Oslo’s popular, iconic landmark.

See: Holmenkollen Ski Museum

This iconic ski jump/museum isn’t hard to reach, simply take the ‘T1’ train from Oslo Central Train Station and you will reach your destination in about 25 minutes. Do remember to alight at Holmenkollen T-Bane Train Station!


After a short walk uphill where you will see the iconic ski jump structure.

This hill has a hill size of 134m and k-spot of 120m, the hill is 375m above mean sea level. Located on the ground floor, you will find the Ski Museum, that’s opened in 1923, and is the world’s oldest museum specializing in skiing.

Once you complete your tour in the Ski Museum, take a minute of your time and board the lift to the top of the jump tower and prepare to be amazed by the spectacular views!

This is definitely a must-visit landmark in Oslo! Entry is free with Oslo Pass, else it will be 140 NOK for adults and 70 NOK for children (120 NOK for students).

See: The Vigeland Park

Located near Majorstuen T-Bane Train Station, it is the world largest sculpture park made by a single artist. It’s also one of Oslo’s popular tourist attraction. This unique sculpture park is Gustav Vigeland’s lifework with more than 200 sculptures in 3 different materials – bronze, granite and wrought iron.

There’s also a museum beside the sculpture park that you would like to visit when you are there!

See: Oslo Opera House

Back to Oslo Downtown, and let’s talk about architecture! It’s no others than the Oslo Opera House. It has the most extraordinary design I’ve seen, and I kinda thought that it looks better than our Esplanade! Hahaha! And what’s more? You could simply “hike” your way up to the top of the building!

And if your itinerary is packed, do visit the opera house at night! I’ve seen several awesome night views of the opera house! Definitely worth the visit!

This is the part two of my trip to Oslo last September! Do look out for my part three of my holiday there where I will be visiting the nearby islands for some museums hopping!

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