Norway 4D3N Trip: Stunning City & Beautiful Greenery (Part 3)

For this part of my Norway trip, I head to the ‘museum island’ – Bygdøy! It is a peninsula on the west side of the city centre filled with beautiful beaches and several maritime-related museums. The best way to get to Bygdøy is by boat, that leaves from Pier 3 behind the City Hall, and it takes only 10 – 15 minutes! Else, you could take bus service 30 to Bygdøy. There are 2 stops for the boat service, the first stop is Dronningen (for The Viking Ship Museum, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, and Oscarshall) while the second stop is Bygdøynes (for Kon-Tiki Museum, Fram Museum, and Norwegian Maritime Museum).


I’ve gone to 2 museums, due to time-constraint – The Viking Ship Museum & Fram Museum.

See: The Viking Ship Museum

A 15-minutes walk from the jetty will bring you to The Viking Ship Museum. The Viking Ship Museum is free for Oslo Pass holders, else it would be NOK100 (for Adults) and NOK80 (for Students), free entry for children under 18. This museum displays the world two best-preserved wooden Viking ships built in the 9th century, as well as some collection of Viking household items. It may not really ring-a-bell to us Singaporeans, as we only know pirates, but it’s actually very eye-opening and breathtaking! Definitely worth the visit!

See: Fram Museum


This is the museum that I’m looking forward to after my research prior to my trip. Alight at the second boat stop and it’s a stone-throw away from the jetty. Entry is free for Oslo Pass holders, else would be NOK120 (for Adults), NOK50 (for Children & Students). So what’s special about this museum? Let’s say it’s a window into polar exploration, the history/story of Norwegian polar exploration.

The Fram is a polar ship that was built in the 1892 and had been to several polar expeditions is being displayed in the museum, together with Roald Amundsen’s The Gjøa which was the first to conquer the Northwest Passage by ship! There are many other hands-on activities that you could play with. You can even go aboard the 2 ships that are on display!

Other notable museums to visit on the island includes Kon-Tiki Museum, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History and Norwegian Maritime Museum! It’s definitely worth to be a day-trip from Oslo.

This is my last part of my Norway – Oslo trip!

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