Sudio Vasa Blå Earphones Review: Perfect Starter Bluetooth Earphones

So previously I’ve reviewed on Sudio TRE earphones which are not bad, especially for actives! And now, I’ve received Vasa Blå earphones from them to try it out! Really would take this opportunity to thank Sudio Sweden for constantly providing me with their awesome products!

For those who wanna find out how’s their TRE earphones are, click HERE. And just a recap for those who don’t know what’s Sudio. Sudio is a Sweden company that recently got more and more popular with its affordable, yet good quality earphones. Their products are very stylish too! So to the main review…


Wireless is almost everywhere, and everything is going wireless. Vasa Blå is actually Sudio’s first attempt of a wireless in-ear bud earphones, and I personally think that it isn’t bad at all for a start! With the price tag of S$119 with free shipping, it’s so damn affordable and comes in 4 different colors – Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Pink, and Blue.

Sudio is now one of my favorite earphones brands now, and it won’t take long to know why! Upon receiving your package, you will be greeted by a beautiful white gift box with red bow and ribbons. So one point for packaging! Next, you will find your earphones, a beautiful leather pouch, USB cable for charging, instruction manuals and a few extra silicon ear tips (of different sizes).

Using the earphones is simple and direct, with 3 buttons remote on the wire, you can easily sync it with your smartphones and change the music you are listening to easily. It can support Bluetooth 4.1 with a range of 10m and it weighs 14g only! Battery life will be 9 hours of active usage and 10 hours of standby, which is longer than some smartphones! Charging time only takes 10 minutes for a quick charge, and 2 hours for a full charge.


In terms of sound, it uses 10.2mm dynamic speakers that produce clean treble sound and a certain level of bass. Even though its an in-ear bud earphones, it doesn’t exactly provides noise-cancellation, but when you use it in a quiet environment, the music it produces is just… beautiful.

So overall, I’m still quite impressed with Sudio Vasa Blå earphones, considering the affordable price and the sound quality it manages to produce, which is why I would encourage people around me to give them a try, and so should you! Oh and not forgetting, shipping time will only take 3-4 days by DHL Express delivery!

Sudio Vasa Blå earphone is wireless, but it still comes with a wire that connects both earphones, with a speaker and charging port. For those who want a truly-wireless earphone, I am delighted to tell you that Sudio has also recently released their brand-new earphones – NIVÅ. I hope I will be able to review it in the near future for you guys!

Finally, for you guys who wanna get one for yourself or people around you, simply head over to Sudio website HERE and make your purchase! Do remember to use my promo code <thehypetraveler> for a 15% OFF discount!

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