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The capital of Denmark, situated on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand. This is where I’ve come after my trip to Oslo, Norway. Continue reading to find out where I’ve been here in Copenhagen! Copenhagen uses Danish kroner (DKK). S$1 is equivalent to approx. 4.6 DKK.

I’ve traveled to Copenhagen from Oslo, by Norwegian, which takes about 1 hour. Upon arrival at the airport, I’m quite surprised on the huge difference in arrival hall between Oslo and Copenhagen. (You can see the difference here) The interior looks so much simpler and older in Copenhagen Airport. But anyway, the collection of baggage was quite speedy, which is good – save us some time!

Stay: Airbnb Apartment @ Rebæk Søpark – Hvidovre

I’ve booked an Airbnb apartment prior to this trip which it’s located in a town of Hvidovre. It’s just a 15-minutes metro-ride away from the airport. The Airbnb apartment is a small cozy hotel-room style apartment with kitchen and a bathroom with bathtub. The apartment also has a Lidl supermarket beside it! The bed was comfortable and there’s almost everything that you need in the kitchen! The only pity thing is that the TV isn’t working when we’re there… Oh, and there’s free Wi-Fi available, so our nights were not boring.

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After some unpacking and rest, we decided to head out for dinner. The first place that came to my mind was Nyhavn. It’s actually just a 10-minutes metro-train ride from our apartment, which is very convenient!


So finally we’ve arrived at the well-known postcard picturesque Nyhavn. But there’s one issue as you can see from the photos, it’s getting dark and it isn’t as stunning and beautiful as it should be, but oh well. We are here for dinner actually…

Oh, and just to bear in mind, it’s actually the winter season when we are there, and temperatures at night is super cold, super windy – around 5 Degree Celsius. We had a quick dinner and decided the cold is too much for us and traveled back to our Airbnb apartment.

It’s Day 2 in Copenhagen, and we decided to get off early and start sightseeing in the city centre! (We actually only had a short 3D2N here in Copenhagen) Traveling to Copenhagen City Centre via Metro Train is a breeze, took us only 15-minutes.

Arrived at Copenhagen Central Train Station.

We begin our city centre sightseeing tour! Opposite of the train station is where fun and amusement comes together hand-in-hand – Tivoli Gardens. (But unfortunately, it was closed when we are there) 

See, Eat & Do: Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is a must-visit amusement park when you are in Copenhagen! It’s founded in 1843 and is one of the oldest theme parks in the world. There’s something for everyone regardless of age and gender! There’s beautiful greenery, exotic buildings and this amusement park will transform into a magical land with thousands of colored lights being lited up, creating a fairytale atmosphere. Click here for prices and opening hours.

See: Axel Towers

This round glass-paneled building caught my eyes. There are 1-2 Michelin restaurants in it!


See: Copenhagen City Hall Square

This is one of the main city square in Copenhagen and is where the famous shopping street begins.

Shop & Eat: Strøget

And the shopping begins! You can find tons of international brands and local brands along this shopping street! Remember not to miss some Danish brands like LEGO, ECCO, and Pandora!

See: The Round Tower

Walking from Strøget, you will see a tall-round tower – The Round Tower. It’s the oldest functioning observatory tower in Europe. Admission is 25 DKK (for Adults), 5 DKK (for Children) and free with Copenhagen Card. To get to the top of the tower (36m high), be prepared to walk up along the spiral walkway.

It’s about lunchtime soon, so we decided to head to Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen (Paper Island).

Papirøen is an island where you could find Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) and Copenhagen Street Food (CSF). Which currently from what I know, the entire island is closed down and both CC and CSF will be relocated to another island called Refshaleøen from mid-2018. Which I think it would be redundant for me to talk about what’s on Papirøen now… But anyway, some photos if you are keen to know!

Eat: Copenhagen Street Food

Anyway, Copenhagen Street Food is a ‘food-court’ that sells food from different cuisine (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Italian etc), which I think it would still be the case when it reopens.

After lunch, we made our way back to the main island.

See: Nyhavn

And we are back at Nyhavn, with a brighter sun and nicer weather. Nyhavn is the one must-visit place in Copenhagen! It’s like the Merlion in Singapore, equally iconic! I shall just let the photos do the talking…

See: Den Blå Planet (National Aquarium Denmark)

And lastly, the last destination that I’ve headed to is the aquarium. The building just looks like a round-portable speaker from far (to be honest). Anyway, it’s not a normal aquarium sitting at the corner of the city, it is Europe’s largest aquarium that holds approximate 20,000 animals with 450 species altogether!

The aquarium is divided into 5 different sections. A visit to the aquarium would take up 2-3 hours!

Overall, I think that Copenhagen is a great place to be, the sights and food that can be found there is alot! Just make sure you are traveling there at the right time of the year, else you will be shivering like me wherever I go.

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