Flight Review: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Economy (SIN – AMS)

It’s been a busy year for me as I’m doing my new business venture. Thus, may have not been touching much with blogging. So here I am, after 2 months since my last trip to Europe, to do a flight review for my trip to Amsterdam with one of the mightest blue planes in the world – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

This is my first time flying with KLM, and it always excites me when I get the chance to fly with an airline I’ve never flown with. So, onto my flight review from Singapore to Amsterdam.

KLM flies one flight daily from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 to Amsterdam. I’ve been visiting Changi Airport Terminal 1 frequently and looking at Jewel Changi Airport slowly coming into shape, and opening soon… I’m so so excited about it!!!



Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Flight Time: 13 Hours 35 Minutes

Departure Time @ 1:35am, Arrival Time @ 8:00am

Economy Class

KLM does not have huge Airbus A380 like other airlines (e.g. British Airways, Air France), thus it utilizes the Boeing 777-300ER for this route. This particular model features 2 different travel classesWorld Business Class and Economy Class. The Economy Class is being further divided into normal Economy seats and Economy Comfort seats.

The Business Class contains a total of 34 seats with 2-2-2 seating configuration. The Economy Class has a majority seating configuration of 3-4-3, with 40 Economy Comfort seats at the front, while the remaining seats are for the rest of Economy passengers.

The seat pitch for Economy Class isn’t stingy with legroom of 76cm to 81cm, seat pitch of 31-inch and a recline of 9cm, their ergonomically designed seats are rather pleasant for long-haul flight! Want more recline? Pay more to be seated in the Economy Comfort seat that features an increased recline of up to 18cm and a seat pitch of 34-inch. As for Business Class, you will get up to 207cm of legroom, a seat pitch of 63-inch and features a 180-degree recline flat-bed with 17-inch of personal entertainment screen.

The entire flight with KLM wasn’t that bad, I was lucky to not get any neighbour sitting beside me, thus I’ve managed to get some quality rest during the flight. The seat was quite comfortable and clean. Blanket & headphones were given out for free. The only thing that wasn’t as good compared to other airlines was their in-flight meal, which wasn’t very tasty and the food was rather (what I call…) not-suited-for-Asian-tastebud.

The personal entertainment system was not bad, loaded with some of the latest available movies and soundtracks from Taiwan, US and Singapore. Service staffs were quite friendly too!

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my flight with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Singapore to Amsterdam. Would definitely recommend flying to Amsterdam with KLM if you think Singapore Airlines is too overpriced!

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