Heineken Experience Amsterdam Review: Drinkers, Fall-In Now!

Months after my trip to Amsterdam, I’m finally starting my blog posts it, and I’m starting off with one of the most popular attractions of in Amsterdam – Heineken Experience Amsterdam. Because… It’s enriching and awesome, so read more to find out!

Heineken Experience Amsterdam is voted one of the most popular, and must-visit attractions in Amsterdam, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. They don’t actually brew the beer right in the location now, but it’s a museum about the beer brand and its brewery.

The queues into the brewery were pretty long, one queue is for walk-in visitors, while another is for pre-booked ticket holders. I had pre-booked my tickets thru Klook, but still, have to wait for quite some time. Staffs were giving out oliebol during our wait, which was kinda neat and pleasant!

Upon stepping into the brewery, the staff did a brief before our tour begins. To be honest, the early stages of the tour was quite boring and dry. But once you arrived in a room where there are 4 huge-ass brass barrels. The staff will talk about the brewing process, where the staff will tell an interesting short story about the four main ingredients of a Heineken beer – water, barley, hops and Heineken “A” yeast.

After that, you’ll get a chance to visit the historic brew room. It contains 8 copper kettles, serving different functions ranging from filtering the mash to adding hops. Before exiting the brew room, there’s a chance for visitors to try the wort – a non-alcoholic mixture of water & barley that’s been heated and filtered.

The next segment of the tour is quite interesting and fun, where it involved a simulator where you will become the beer yourself and experience the journey each beer takes through the brewery. After the simulation, in the beer tasting room, is the time most people are excited for. Finally, you get to taste the beer! A bartender will explain how you should drink the beer and what a perfect beer should look like.

You will then come into some rooms where you can play games, take photos. Lastly, you will arrive in the bar, where you will exchange 2 pints of Heineken with 2 tokens that you will be given at the start of the tour. There are other non-alcoholic beverages available if you are keen too.

Before exiting the brewery, you have the chance to purchase souvenirs and pick up your very own personalized Heineken bottles that you’ve created and ordered during your tour. (One personalized Heineken bottle costs €6,50.)

Heineken Experience Amsterdam is located at the former Heineken brewery right in the middle of the city centre – Stadhouderskade, a walking distance from the museums. I really enjoyed my time touring the brewery, this place is like a “Disneyland for Heineken Lovers”! Though it may be packed at times, this should be a must-visit, even if you are not into beers. The tour is very interesting, interactive and fun! Overall the tour would take about 1.5 to 2 hours, and it’s highly recommended to buy your tickets online – around S$30 from Klook!


Address: Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE, Amsterdam

Opening Hours: 365 days. Monday to Thursday – 10:30 till 19:30 (Last Admission 17:30). Friday to Sunday – 10:30 till 21:00 (Last Admission 19:00)


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