Magical Scottish Highlands (Part 1)

Wanting to visit the Isle of Skye or the ‘Harry Potter’ Bridge but lazy to hike or feeling unfamiliar to self-drive on a bumpy road of Scottish Highlands?

That’s what I thought prior to my visit to the Scottish Highlands in August, and proceed to book some day-tours beforehand. I went to Isle of Skye Day-Trip with WOW Scotland Tours and Glenfinnan Viaduct (Harry Potter Bridge) Day-Trip with Happy Tours.

First up, let’s start off with my experience with WOW Scotland Tours. WOW Scotland Tours is one of the top tour companies in the Scottish Highlands. With tours starting from Inverness, Invergordon, and Greenock, they are rated 5 stars by Visit Scotland. Visit their website here. And honestly, the Isle of Skye is a spectacular, beautiful place to visit, and I shall try to let the photos do most of the talking here!

The meeting point for the Isle of Skye Tour is at Inverness Bus Station (just 5 minutes walk from Inverness Train Station) @ 8:30am. The luxury mini-coach (with USB & Wi-Fi onboard) will then bring us on a 12-hours action-packed day tour around the Isle of Skye.

The coach zoomed off from Inverness and we arrived shortly at our first toilet-stop @ Achnasheen Railway Station. This railway station was opened since 1870 to serve the town of Achnasheen. We were able to catch a rainbow when we’re there too!

Next, we headed further west into the highlands and arrived at our next photo stop – Loch Carron. This is the first place where we got a glimpse of the Isle of Skye!

After 30 minutes, we finally see the Skye Bridge in front of us. And once across it, we’ve finally reached Skye! We were then given a short toilet/photo break at the town of Kyleakin, where you could see the Skye Bridge standing right in front of your eyes.

Next stop was one of my favorites – The Black Cullin Mountains, where we were given a guided hike to somewhere less-known for its stunning views. (it’s really stunning, no kidding!)

We headed deeper into Skye and arrived at our next photo stop at the Old Man of Storr. It’s literally the headline for the Isle of Skye, everybody comes to the Isle of Skye would need to witness this amazing 50m high pinnacle jutting out from the ridge. The Old Man of Storr was also featured in the movie – The BFG!

The next stop for our day-trip was Kilt Rock, an exposed sea cliff. This spectacular waterfall sure took my breath away! It’s something I’ve never seen before, and it’s just so beautiful! There is also a Dino Museum where you will be able to witness one or two dinosaur footprints that are being displayed. (real or fake, I’m not sure too!)

We had another opportunity for a short hike to our next stop, The Quiraing. The Quiraing is a series of landslides that have combined to create high cliffs, hidden plateaus, buttresses, and rock pinnacles. The views are stunning when we’re there, it’s really jaw-dropping!

We headed southward to the town of Portree. This is the largest town in Skye and is a beautiful peaceful place to explore. Do head up to the Harbour Viewpoint to witness the quirky pastel-colored houses over the water.

All things have to come to an end, we then left the Isle of Skye and headed to the iconic Eilean Donan Castle. It’s one of the most popular castles in the world, where we got the chance to visit 2 different viewpoints of the castle. And also have the chance to cross the bridge over to the castle itself!

Towards the end of the day-trip, we were brought to a view-point to have an awesome view of Urquhart Castle, before having a surprise trip to meet some highland cattle on our way back to Inverness.


Our journey ended in Inverness Bus Station at approximately 8:30pm. I have to say this 12 hours day-trip is the most eye-opening, jaw-dropping, amazing day-trip I’ve ever been to! I definitely recommend WOW Scotland Tours to you guys if you’re looking for a quick one-day tour around to the Isle of Skye!


Flying From Singapore To London. How?

Flying from Singapore to the United Kingdom’s capital, London, has never been so easy, with so many different varieties of routes and airline companies to choose from.

1. Direct Flight (Full Service Carrier)

There are currently 3 different airlines serving direct flight to and fro Singapore and London.

Last month, I flew to London with Australian national carrier, Qantas on their Sydney-Singapore-London route. The flight was reasonably priced and is actually a brilliant alternative! The seats were comfortable, the legroom is reasonable. Qantas also provides free amenities like eyemask, toothbrush, and toothpaste! The only complain I had was that their in-flight meals just isn’t very yummy. Feeling hungry or thirsty during your flight? Simply walk to the back and you will be able to grab some snacks and drinks!

For those who can’t really afford a flight on Singapore Airlines, the next alternate airline company would be U.K’s national carrier – British Airways. They have more frequent promotional airfare, with their seats and legroom on par with Qantas, but definitely wins Qantas on their in-flight entertainment and in-flight meals.

Lastly, it will be flying with our national carrier, Singapore Airlines. Airfares are normally more expensive than the rivals (unless you purchased a year ago or during their two-to-go promotion). But it’s easy to understand that normally the more you pay, the better thing you will get in return! Which I personally think is quite true, the in-flight entertainment is very good, their in-flight food was the best (very local) between Qantas and British Airways, and the seats are definitely super comfortable.

Below are the flight times for the 3 airlines (flying out of Singapore):

Qantas 1: 11:55pm – 6:15am (+1)

British Airways 16: 10:35pm – 5:05am (+1)

British Airways 12: 11:15pm – 5:50am (+1)

Singapore Airlines 306: 1:10am – 7:45am

Singapore Airlines 308: 9:00am – 3:40pm

Singapore Airlines 318: 12:35pm – 7:15pm

Singapore Airlines 322: 11:30pm – 5:55am (+1)

2. Direct Flight (Low-Cost Carrier)

If flying Qantas, BA or SIA is too much for your pocket, your next direct flight alternative till January 2019 is flying with Norwegian Air. They fly out from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 to London Gatwick Airport. With fares from S$300+, it’s super affordable if you look at the service they provide, and the flight comes with in-flight entertainment and meals! Seeing them go is really a sad thing for me, as I personally enjoyed my flight with them!

Below is the flight time for Norwegian Air flying from Singapore:

Norwegian Air 7408: 9:10am – 4:10pm


3. Flights with Stop(s)

If flying for 13 hours straight isn’t your cup of tea, and prefer to have a stopover during your trip, there are actually tons of airlines you could consider!

There are Finnair (via Helsinki), Emirates (via Dubai), Qatar Airways (via Doha), Etihad (via Abu Dhabi), KLM (via Amsterdam), Malaysia Airlines (via Kuala Lumpur), SWISS (via Zurich), Lufthansa (via Frankfurt), Air France (via Paris), Thai Airways (via Bangkok) and many many more.

Price wise, it’s really dependable on the time of your flight and the dates of your travel. Service wise and quality of the flight is also dependable on the airline you’re flying with. For example, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, and Air France are usually the better airlines.

Source: Google

But if you still want to find an even cheaper alternative, you could go with Singapore Airlines’s subsidiary – Scoot that flies direct to Athens and Berlin, where you will could then book a separate flight with a different airline (e.g. easyJet, Ryanair or British Airways etc). It may seem troublesome, but definitely cheaper.

So which method would you be flying to London from Singapore for your future trips? Do let me know in the comments!

One-Day Trip to South Wales, U.K.

It’s summertime in the U.K. and it’s almost the perfect time for day tours! And prior to my trip to U.K. this July, I’ve booked a day tour to the Wye Valley in South Wales with Where When Wales Tour.

This tour takes no more than 15 pax per trip which is good as I think anything more than that would be very havoc and everybody would be waiting for one another. We were seated in a comfortable 16-seater Mercedes-Benz air-con mini coach, the tour guide (also the driver) was friendly and knowledgeable, though sometimes a bit long-winded, we really enjoyed ourselves!

The day-tour started off at approx. 8:50am from the National Museum Cardiff.

Our first stop was Caerleon Town, where we were given a guided tour to the Roman Bath Museum, National Roman Legion Museum and the Roman’s Amphitheatre.

The Roman Bath Museum was once a permanent Roman Legionary fortress in Roman Britain, and was operational and occupied for over 200 years. The baths museum has covered walkway at the side of what the remains of the military bathhouse. Quite interesting but not as spectacular as the Roman Baths in Bath.

Next, we went to the National Roman Legion Museum, located just less than 5 minutes walk from the Bath House. The museum isn’t very big, but it contains many interesting bits of Roman’s history. There’s a huge collection of artifacts that give visitors a better insight into the Romans’ life.

Last stop in Caerleon Town was the Roman Amphitheatre. This Amphitheatre was built to serve as the Roman legionary fortress of Isca, at around AD 90. And the remains of the Amphitheatre is simply magnificent! You could see the seatings and the archway where Romans will enter the Amphitheatre. Pretty cool!

After leaving Caerleon Town, we made our way to our lunch stop, in a charming town of Monmouth, the birthplace of King Henry V. Before alighting for our lunch stop, we were given the chance to walk across the 34m Monnow Bridge. It’s Great Britain only remaining fortified river bridge, with its gate tower standing on the bridge itself.

It’s lunchtime and we just decided to have a quick meal at Pizza Express, the entire store was empty and we were the only customers! But anyway, the pizzas were great, and freshly baked right in front of our eyes!

After lunch is what I’m most looking forward to! We followed the River Wye and arrived at Tintern Abbey. This 13th-century Cistercian abbey is the first in Wales, and second in Great Britain. It was established a long long time ago on 9 May 1131, by Walter de Clare, the Lord of Chepstow. This abbey fell into ruins after the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536. Even there isn’t any windows or roof, but when you’re inside the building, you could imagine how grand, how magnificent it would look like if it’s able to withstand till today.

We then continued our journey through Wye Valley to the quaint border town of Chepstow. Here in this town, we visited Britain’s oldest Norman castle – Chepstow Castle. It was founded in 1067 AD. This is also the castle that brings us Harry Potter, as it was reported that J.K. Rowling got her inspiration for the series during her young days in Chepstow.

Chepstow Castle is located not too far from the England-Wales border, and it’s situated on a cliff looking over the River Wye. It was quite properly maintained!

This is the last stop before our journey back to Cardiff. I’ve been to Cardiff a few times, but never travel around South Wales for sightseeing, seeing different small towns and ruins. This is definitely an eye-opening day for me, and would I recommend this tour? Yes, I would! You should really spend a day out from the city exploring the outskirts of Cardiff City.

For more information about my tour agency for this trip, Where When Wales, you can click here.

Copenhagen – A Colourful Experience Travel Blog


The capital of Denmark, situated on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand. This is where I’ve come after my trip to Oslo, Norway. Continue reading to find out where I’ve been here in Copenhagen! Copenhagen uses Danish kroner (DKK). S$1 is equivalent to approx. 4.6 DKK.

I’ve traveled to Copenhagen from Oslo, by Norwegian, which takes about 1 hour. Upon arrival at the airport, I’m quite surprised on the huge difference in arrival hall between Oslo and Copenhagen. (You can see the difference here) The interior looks so much simpler and older in Copenhagen Airport. But anyway, the collection of baggage was quite speedy, which is good – save us some time!

Stay: Airbnb Apartment @ Rebæk Søpark – Hvidovre

I’ve booked an Airbnb apartment prior to this trip which it’s located in a town of Hvidovre. It’s just a 15-minutes metro-ride away from the airport. The Airbnb apartment is a small cozy hotel-room style apartment with kitchen and a bathroom with bathtub. The apartment also has a Lidl supermarket beside it! The bed was comfortable and there’s almost everything that you need in the kitchen! The only pity thing is that the TV isn’t working when we’re there… Oh, and there’s free Wi-Fi available, so our nights were not boring.

Never tried Airbnb? Click HERE to get your SGD$45 travel credit when you sign up and make your first booking.

After some unpacking and rest, we decided to head out for dinner. The first place that came to my mind was Nyhavn. It’s actually just a 10-minutes metro-train ride from our apartment, which is very convenient!


So finally we’ve arrived at the well-known postcard picturesque Nyhavn. But there’s one issue as you can see from the photos, it’s getting dark and it isn’t as stunning and beautiful as it should be, but oh well. We are here for dinner actually…

Oh, and just to bear in mind, it’s actually the winter season when we are there, and temperatures at night is super cold, super windy – around 5 Degree Celsius. We had a quick dinner and decided the cold is too much for us and traveled back to our Airbnb apartment.

It’s Day 2 in Copenhagen, and we decided to get off early and start sightseeing in the city centre! (We actually only had a short 3D2N here in Copenhagen) Traveling to Copenhagen City Centre via Metro Train is a breeze, took us only 15-minutes.

Arrived at Copenhagen Central Train Station.

We begin our city centre sightseeing tour! Opposite of the train station is where fun and amusement comes together hand-in-hand – Tivoli Gardens. (But unfortunately, it was closed when we are there) 

See, Eat & Do: Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is a must-visit amusement park when you are in Copenhagen! It’s founded in 1843 and is one of the oldest theme parks in the world. There’s something for everyone regardless of age and gender! There’s beautiful greenery, exotic buildings and this amusement park will transform into a magical land with thousands of colored lights being lited up, creating a fairytale atmosphere. Click here for prices and opening hours.

See: Axel Towers

This round glass-paneled building caught my eyes. There are 1-2 Michelin restaurants in it!


See: Copenhagen City Hall Square

This is one of the main city square in Copenhagen and is where the famous shopping street begins.

Shop & Eat: Strøget

And the shopping begins! You can find tons of international brands and local brands along this shopping street! Remember not to miss some Danish brands like LEGO, ECCO, and Pandora!

See: The Round Tower

Walking from Strøget, you will see a tall-round tower – The Round Tower. It’s the oldest functioning observatory tower in Europe. Admission is 25 DKK (for Adults), 5 DKK (for Children) and free with Copenhagen Card. To get to the top of the tower (36m high), be prepared to walk up along the spiral walkway.

It’s about lunchtime soon, so we decided to head to Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen (Paper Island).

Papirøen is an island where you could find Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) and Copenhagen Street Food (CSF). Which currently from what I know, the entire island is closed down and both CC and CSF will be relocated to another island called Refshaleøen from mid-2018. Which I think it would be redundant for me to talk about what’s on Papirøen now… But anyway, some photos if you are keen to know!

Eat: Copenhagen Street Food

Anyway, Copenhagen Street Food is a ‘food-court’ that sells food from different cuisine (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Italian etc), which I think it would still be the case when it reopens.

After lunch, we made our way back to the main island.

See: Nyhavn

And we are back at Nyhavn, with a brighter sun and nicer weather. Nyhavn is the one must-visit place in Copenhagen! It’s like the Merlion in Singapore, equally iconic! I shall just let the photos do the talking…

See: Den Blå Planet (National Aquarium Denmark)

And lastly, the last destination that I’ve headed to is the aquarium. The building just looks like a round-portable speaker from far (to be honest). Anyway, it’s not a normal aquarium sitting at the corner of the city, it is Europe’s largest aquarium that holds approximate 20,000 animals with 450 species altogether!

The aquarium is divided into 5 different sections. A visit to the aquarium would take up 2-3 hours!

Overall, I think that Copenhagen is a great place to be, the sights and food that can be found there is alot! Just make sure you are traveling there at the right time of the year, else you will be shivering like me wherever I go.

Be sure to check out Expedia for the cheapest hotels & flights.

Norway 4D3N Trip: Stunning City & Beautiful Greenery (Part 3)

For this part of my Norway trip, I head to the ‘museum island’ – Bygdøy! It is a peninsula on the west side of the city centre filled with beautiful beaches and several maritime-related museums. The best way to get to Bygdøy is by boat, that leaves from Pier 3 behind the City Hall, and it takes only 10 – 15 minutes! Else, you could take bus service 30 to Bygdøy. There are 2 stops for the boat service, the first stop is Dronningen (for The Viking Ship Museum, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, and Oscarshall) while the second stop is Bygdøynes (for Kon-Tiki Museum, Fram Museum, and Norwegian Maritime Museum).


I’ve gone to 2 museums, due to time-constraint – The Viking Ship Museum & Fram Museum.

See: The Viking Ship Museum

A 15-minutes walk from the jetty will bring you to The Viking Ship Museum. The Viking Ship Museum is free for Oslo Pass holders, else it would be NOK100 (for Adults) and NOK80 (for Students), free entry for children under 18. This museum displays the world two best-preserved wooden Viking ships built in the 9th century, as well as some collection of Viking household items. It may not really ring-a-bell to us Singaporeans, as we only know pirates, but it’s actually very eye-opening and breathtaking! Definitely worth the visit!

See: Fram Museum


This is the museum that I’m looking forward to after my research prior to my trip. Alight at the second boat stop and it’s a stone-throw away from the jetty. Entry is free for Oslo Pass holders, else would be NOK120 (for Adults), NOK50 (for Children & Students). So what’s special about this museum? Let’s say it’s a window into polar exploration, the history/story of Norwegian polar exploration.

The Fram is a polar ship that was built in the 1892 and had been to several polar expeditions is being displayed in the museum, together with Roald Amundsen’s The Gjøa which was the first to conquer the Northwest Passage by ship! There are many other hands-on activities that you could play with. You can even go aboard the 2 ships that are on display!

Other notable museums to visit on the island includes Kon-Tiki Museum, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History and Norwegian Maritime Museum! It’s definitely worth to be a day-trip from Oslo.

This is my last part of my Norway – Oslo trip!

Norway 4D3N Trip: Stunning City & Beautiful Greenery (Part 2)

After so long, I’ve decided to continue my post on my trip to Norway.

So for part 2, let’s leave Oslo’s main city centre and travel towards north-west to one of Oslo’s popular, iconic landmark.

See: Holmenkollen Ski Museum

This iconic ski jump/museum isn’t hard to reach, simply take the ‘T1’ train from Oslo Central Train Station and you will reach your destination in about 25 minutes. Do remember to alight at Holmenkollen T-Bane Train Station!


After a short walk uphill where you will see the iconic ski jump structure.

This hill has a hill size of 134m and k-spot of 120m, the hill is 375m above mean sea level. Located on the ground floor, you will find the Ski Museum, that’s opened in 1923, and is the world’s oldest museum specializing in skiing.

Once you complete your tour in the Ski Museum, take a minute of your time and board the lift to the top of the jump tower and prepare to be amazed by the spectacular views!

This is definitely a must-visit landmark in Oslo! Entry is free with Oslo Pass, else it will be 140 NOK for adults and 70 NOK for children (120 NOK for students).

See: The Vigeland Park

Located near Majorstuen T-Bane Train Station, it is the world largest sculpture park made by a single artist. It’s also one of Oslo’s popular tourist attraction. This unique sculpture park is Gustav Vigeland’s lifework with more than 200 sculptures in 3 different materials – bronze, granite and wrought iron.

There’s also a museum beside the sculpture park that you would like to visit when you are there!

See: Oslo Opera House

Back to Oslo Downtown, and let’s talk about architecture! It’s no others than the Oslo Opera House. It has the most extraordinary design I’ve seen, and I kinda thought that it looks better than our Esplanade! Hahaha! And what’s more? You could simply “hike” your way up to the top of the building!

And if your itinerary is packed, do visit the opera house at night! I’ve seen several awesome night views of the opera house! Definitely worth the visit!

This is the part two of my trip to Oslo last September! Do look out for my part three of my holiday there where I will be visiting the nearby islands for some museums hopping!

Day-Trip to Brighton, UK (27 Dec 2017)

I’m very much looking forward to visiting Brighton years ago, and finally got the chance to go on a day-trip out of London to Brighton! Brighton is a famous charming seaside resort city located on the south coast of United Kingdom. It’s very accessible from London, we began the day by making our way to London Bridge Railway Station to take a direct Thameslink train to Brighton. Total traveling time was only about an hour plus.


Upon reaching Brighton, we could instantly feel that the weather was colder here, and it was drizzling a bit, with the skies not looking bright, most probably due to the snow that briefly came by earlier in the day. We head directly to Churchill Square Shopping Centre for our lunch and some warmth.


We found an Italian restaurant – Italian Kitchen where they serve English breakfast, pasta, and pizzas. The food servings were huge, but it was quite tasteful! We ordered 2 plates of pasta and a cup of Hot Chocolate.


After lunch, we braved the cold and rain and managed to make our way to Brighton Beach. But the skies were so gloomy and rainy that we didn’t last for an hour, and we head back to the shopping centre for some warmth.




After an hour of shopping, the rain began to stop and it’s finally time for us to head out! We took a bus to Hove Beach Huts and arrived there just minutes before sunset.


Honestly, I’ve seen several sunsets before, but nothing as spectacular as this one. As we walked along the beach, the sunset was getting more and more stunning, and beautiful.






We arrived at Brighton Palace Pier right after the sun had set. The neon lighting of Brighton Pier appeared in front of us. The logo is so iconic and very Instagram-able. This is actually one of the most-visited tourist attraction in the United Kingdom!


Once inside, you will feel young instantly with rows and rows of arcade machines, that will bring you memories of your young-times running around in an arcade. The difference between the arcade center in Brighton and in Singapore is the size.


Overall, we’ve enjoyed our time in Brighton! And it’s definitely a must-visit when you come to the United Kingdom in the near future, especially during the summer! Where the amusement theme park will be open for you to enjoy roller coaster rides, bumpy car rides etc.

Where else would you love to visit when you’re in the UK? Do let me know!

Principality Stadium Tour @ Cardiff

So I’m back in Cardiff last December, and since my girlfriend got a pair of free tour pass for Cardiff’s largest stadium – Principality Stadium, we decided to go for the tour!


Principality Stadium is one of the landmarks in Wales’s capital city. Situated near to Cardiff Central Train Station and the City Centre, so you could simply head over to nearby pubs or coffee house for a drink after a match/concert.


It was used to be called as Millennium Stadium but was renamed due to sponsorship purposes. It is the home of the Wales national rugby union team and has also staged games for the Wales national football team.

Principality Stadium has a seating capacity of 74,500 and costs £121 million to build. It features a retractable roof (similar to Singapore’s Sports Hub), which is the second stadium of its type in Europe, and the largest football stadium in the world with this feature.

This stadium hosted tons of events like Rugby League World Cup, FA Cup, Coldplay Concerts, Monster Jam and many more. We began our tour by walking thru the players’ walkway to the backstage of the stadium – International Players Lounge.

It’s a place where the players’ rest, mingle and prepare for their games. It’s also the place where singers rest prior to the start of their concerts.

Next up, we arrived in the conference room, where players/singers will be interviewed by The Press.

Next, we were brought into one of the changing room in the stadium, where there are several types of gym equipment, an area for players to warm-out and cool-down and besides it ‘s the changing room and toilet for the players.

Up next is something I very much looked forward to, the stadium itself. Firstly, we were brought to the ground floor. This is the pathway players walked out to the stadium, and damn! It feels so special walking thru it, especially when the tour guide played the welcome-tune that were used during actual match day.

We quickly headed up to the top floor, and the view is amazingly good!



Lastly, we were brought to the Hospitality Suites, where those rich people will eat and drink and chit-chat while watching the match/concert. This is also where the Royal and distinguished guests seat to watch the match/concert. The trophy will usually be placed here throughout the match!

To be honest, 95% of Singaporean don’t really watch Rugby, same for me. So actually you will be quite puzzled and unsure when the tour-guide is introducing about the Welsh national rugby team members. But luckily, the tour-guide was friendly and managed to balance facts and touches of humor to keep everyone engaged.

Overall, the Principality Stadium tour would be an ideal thing to do to kill off some time in the city.

Principality Stadium

Westgate Street, Cardiff CF10 1NS


Flight Review: Norwegian Premium (LGW – SIN)

It’s time for me to head back to Singapore, and this is my first flight of 2018!

It’s New Year’s Day, and I left Cardiff’s Sophia Garden with National Express coach bringing me eastbound to London Gatwick Airport.


DI 7409 | Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

London Gatwick Airport South Terminal – Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Flight Time: 12 Hours 40 Minutes

Departure Time: 10:35pm, Arrival Time: 7:15pm

Premium Cabin

Did my VAT refunds upon arrival to the airport, and proceeded to check-in. The good thing about flying with Norwegian’s Premium Cabin is that there’s a special line for you to skip the long queues for Economy Cabin, and perform your check-in.

After checking-in, you will be able to head straight to the security checks and then proceed to N1 Lounge to relax, have a coffee or a quick meal while waiting for the gate to be opened. And that’s what I did! As most shops are closed, I made my way to the lounge at around 9pm and got myself a Fish Finger Wrap. After a quick bite over in the lounge, I headed over to Gate 13 to board the plane.



As usual, Premium Cabin passengers have a special line for their passport and boarding pass to be checked. After waiting for about 20 minutes, an announcement was made for Premium Cabin passengers to board the plane first, so off I go!

As mentioned in my previous blog post, Premium Cabin has 35 seats. The seat was really spacious and big! (Couldn’t imagine I would be sitting on such seat, honestly.) The seat-pitch is 109-117cm (43-46″) and I fell in love with it! It’s so comfortable!

One thing you would notice is that blankets were provided. Drinks (e.g. orange juice, apple juice, drinking water) were served before taking off. Beneath the left hand-rest is where the entertainment system screen is kept, while under the right hand-rest hides the dining tray table.


Awhile after take off, your first meal will be served in a box, which is kinda special.


The flight back to Singapore was even more comfortable, hehe! And I quickly dozed off after my meal. Before arriving in Singapore, you will be served with another meal too!

Personally, if you ask me, I would recommend taking one leg of your journey in Economy Cabin, while the other leg in Premium Cabin. The total amount you will be spending will still be around the price of any commercial airlines (e.g. SIA, BA) in their Economy class.

I had a great time onboard with Norwegian, and I think you should enjoy yourself too! Will you give budget long-haul flight a try?

Flight Review: Norwegian Economy (SIN – LGW)

Flight review time for my recent trip to London. I’ve decided to try out the brand-new long-haul budget airline in town: Norwegian, which flies direct to and fro between Singapore Changi Airport and London Gatwick Airport.


Norwegian uses Boeing 787 Dreamliner on their long-haul flight between Singapore and London. They fly 4 times per week out to London Gatwick (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri), with each flight taking about 14 hours.


DI 7410 | Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 – London Gatwick Airport South Terminal

Flight Time: 14 Hours 5 Minutes

Departure Time @ 10:50pm, Arrival Time @ 5:00am

Economy Class

Check-in was smooth (as usual) in Singapore Changi Airport, then took some time to walk over to Gate D49 which is at the extreme end of Terminal 1.


All Norwegian long-haul flights consist of 2 cabin types: Economy and Premium, and comes with 5 different fare types (Lowfare, Lowfare+, Flex, Premium, Premium Flex).

The Economy Cabin seems just like your typical economy class of other airlines. It has a seat-pitch of 78cm (31″) with a seat-width of 17-inch. The legroom was alright for me personally. Their Premium Cabin has a more spacious seat-pitch of 109cm to 117cm (43-46″), and you get a partial recline-seat for more comfort.

Economy Cabin has a seat configuration of 3-3-3, while Premium Cabin has a seat configuration of 2-3-2, that occupies the first 35 seats at the front portion of the plane. There’s a total of 9 toilets on board the plane.

For fare types, as mentioned there’re 5 types from Lowfare to Premium Flex. Basically, do remember that Norwegian is still a budget airline (similarly to Jetstar Asia).

For Lowfare, with the price you pay, you will just be entitled to just a seat (not reserved)and includes a hand-carry baggage of 10kg, the rest are extras that you need to pay.

For a bit more, you will be paying for Lowfare+, which gives you a reserved seat, 10kg of hand-carry baggage, a hot meal and entitled for 20kg check-in baggage.


If you want to feel like a king/queen during the trip, you will see yourself paying double of Lowfare+ and you will be sitting comfortably in the Premium Cabin. By paying Premium, you get a reserved seat in Premium Cabin, entitled for 2x20kg check-in baggage, premium onboard meals, FastTrack & Lounge access (at selected airports), and lastly a 10kg hand-carry baggage.

Lastly, for both Lowfare Flex & Premium Flex, it gives you the ability to change name and rebook your flight for free. It’s also fully refundable. For Lowfare Flex, you get to check-in two baggage instead of one.


All seats come with a USB port to charge your electronic device and an entertainment system loaded with hours of movies, addictive games and 3D map. You get to purchase your duty-free items, food, and drinks thru the system. Something special for them is that can simply plug in your own earpiece into the 3.5mm headphone jack provided.

Okay, back to my flight. It took off on time on a rainy night. And, overall the flight was smooth and I got some rest, even though the kids in front kept crying non-stop. The only bad thing I feel is that earpiece and blanket are considered as extras, that you need to pay, or should I say, everything needs to pay. But once again, Norwegian is a budget airline, so I can’t complain much about it. Something I like is that you can simply order snacks, food, and drinks when you are feeling hungry or thirsty. You don’t need to follow the given time frame where you will be served with food on other airlines.img_6789

Arrived quite on time at London Gatwick Airport, and was delighted that the Passport Control queue is so much shorter than London Heathrow’s.


I can’t wait for my return flight on Norwegian’s Premium Cabin! Do you prefer flying with commercial airlines or budget airlines? Do share with me your opinions!